How to update iPod?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Alright, so I used software update to download the new iPod software. Now, how do I put it on the iPod? Does it do it automatically when I plug the iPod in? or do I put it on manually with the updater that is located in the utilities folder? (It is my first iPod, 20 gb 3rd generation) I am, as the McDonald's commercial would say, "I'm Lovin' it"


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    Well, when I updated my iPod to 2.1 today, after I downloaded the update through SWU, the iPod Updater popped right up and I connected my iPod and updated it. But, I think if you have the new firmware, version 2.1, downloaded and you connect your iPod the updater will jump up, if it doesn't just launch it from, like you said, inside the Utilities folder after iTunes is done with it.
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