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An edict has been issued against bumping old threads. This raises the question as to how old is old:

no new posts for a few days??

a few weeks???

a few months??

a couple of years??

It also raises the question of conflicting advice, because on more than one occasion I have seen people criticized because they started a new thread on something that is really just a continuation of a very recently discussed issue, with the implicit suggestion that they should have just resumed the discussion of the old thread - if they have something new to add. I would also point out that people do sometimes find something interesting new to add after a couple of days or weeks of silence and I have seen threads pick up quite nicely and usefully after a bit of a lag.

With that in mind, may I suggest that the rule against bumping old threads should not extend to threads that have just been dormant for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. It should, however, apply to threads that are a couple of months old or older.

That being said, may I also suggest that people should not be discouraged from continuing very old discussions or providing references to them. Some of us newer members here quite appreciate the reference to a bit of AI history. In this, case, however, there should be a new thread, but the person can provide a link to the old thread.


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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    I see no wrong in bumping threads

    what if it is a relevant response to something said about a year ago?!?!

    Am I missing something or does it actually impair operation of the server?
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    I think the idea is that you don't find some old thread and simply add a *bump* to the end of it.
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