Exposé + menu bar items = molasses

in macOS edited January 2014
Has anyone noticed that the more programs that put things in the menubar, the slower exposé gets?

The things I use are:




PTH Clock

Weather Pop

The more I put in there, the slower "All applications" mode of exposé is when switching between programs (ie engaging the mode is fast, but clicking on a program's window that is not the front most program causes a very choppy zooming effect).

This is on a DP1250 too...


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    Originally posted by chych

    The things I use are:


    PTH Clock


    I think the PTH apps need to be updated for 10.3. At least on my FS iMac it seems like their iTunesNotifier and Pasteboard need updating.
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    chychchych Posts: 860member

    Just wondering if anyone else experiences these issues, now that panther is really out and more people have it.
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    I have Launchbar, Menumeters, and PTH iTunes in my menu bar. All expose functions seem fast. Powerbook 867.
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    No problems here, I have PTH iTunes Notifier and Meteorologist on a G4 cube. I know that it's not as many as you are running, but exposé runs fine, even on this old thing.
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    jwilljwill Posts: 209member
    My Expose functions are pretty fast too, and I'm the one on the 500mhz G3 iMac (512MB of RAM added, by the way, to make it 640).

    And the PTH apps just might I think. I was trying to use it but I couldn't activate it..unless I forgot the key you were supposed to hold

    It played and stopped fine though.
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