help setting up routing with NATd

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Ok here's my setup. I have a beige g3 that has 2 ethernet interfaces. en0 (built in ethernet) is connected to my cable modem and en1 (pci card) is connected to a network switch for my local network.

I'm using IPNetShareX as a basic front end for NATd for routing, but it's functionality is starting to get a bit too limiting.

I want to do a port map, and map some ports coming in on en0 to a specific machine ( on en1. So basically I want data going to a port from the internet to be mapped to a specific machine on my local network.

I think I kinda sorta know how to structure the command for NATd to do this, but then normal routing doesn't work because I don't have all the same parameters in my command that IPNetShareX is issuing. If that makes any sense... when i tried to do a port forward, it said it couldn't divert a socket, so I had to kill the currently running natd process and startup natd with a new command for port forwarding, but then whatever IPNetShareX was telling it to do, isn't going through since the original natd process has to be killed.

So basically, I need help setting up NATd to do exactly what IPNetShareX is telling it to do, and ontop of that i need it to port map about 10 ports from en0 to a specific machine on en1.

Can someone please help me do this?

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