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Hi all,

I needed a webcam on my pb12, so I went with an iSight...

I'm kinda regretting it. I mean, it's nice and all, but seems very limited.

Mostly this is due to IM programs available for OS X... I'm sure iChat AV would be amazing if I knew anyone else who used ti (: MSN for OS X is an ancient version, and Yahoo is... well... it crashes all the time.

Another thing I'd like to do is capture stills, and maybe even moving video. Can you do that with iSight? I'm still new to Mac, and all the places I could think of that'd do that dont' seem to acknowledge the iSight....

Anyone else having problems (or knows any solutions) with iSight?


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    I also own a 12"powerbook and an isight. I haven't used ichatAV for the same reasons, but I don't regret buying it, because there's a lot more you can do with the isight.

    If you google for isight you'll most likely find o'really pages, they have quite good tips.

    Here are applications you can use with your isight:

    BTV Pro (record video/time laps etc) - shareware

    uGrabIt (record video) - shareware

    Camgrabber (snapshots) - freeware

    Quicktime Broadcaster (broadcast live video) - freeware

    Boinx istopmotion (time laps) - freeware/shareware

    ophoneX (Videoconferencing with Mac / MS Netmeeting) - freeware

    iMovie (you'll have to record in DV format first)

    Boinx iRecordNow (record video) - shareware

    I think you can get them all on or

    Try them out for free and you'll be much happier with your isight. (Don't forget that you need good light. best is sunlight, but neon-light is also a good cheap solution)

    Hope this helps.
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    Try GCam too... It can record as well...

    and ivisit as well for cross platfore video conferencing...
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