Which iPod - 20 or 40?

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Thanks to the miracle of deferred billing, and the fact that I've paid off my mobile phone and digital camera, I've decided to finally upgrade my 5GB iPod 1.0 to a brand spanking new one. The media reader capability only served to hasten such a move (as did the fact that I'm finally earning a decent wage these next few months).

My question is: should I go for the portability of the 20, or pay the extra and get the added capacity of the 40? Are there any performance differences, i.e. are menus slower on the 40 with super long lists of songs?

Also, the 20 would be more convenient for me because I like to have backups of all my songs on my PowerBook, and I've only got about 25 GB of storage space reserved for music on my drive (15 GB already taken up, with about a thousand unripped CDs in my collection).

I do have enough music to fill up a 40, quite easily. But it would be a bigger hassle to do so, and the 20 is smaller (I wear my iPod around my neck, so that matters).

Which would you choose? I think I'll buy it tomorrow morning, or maybe even tonight.


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    If cost is not a factor, I'd get the 40. It's only fractionally thicker than the other 2, and the weight difference is negligible. If you're going to use it to store pictures on the go as you use your camera, getting the 40 will let you use the higher quality settings on your camera, since you won't have to worry about filling the flash card.

    You know you want the 40 You just wanted someone to rationalize it. Do it!
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    may not interest you, but you can get a refurb 30 gig for less than a 20 gig. fyi

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    (arches eyebrow)

    Well, according to the Apple website, the 40 GB iPod is .11 inches thicker and 0.6 ounces heavier. That's hardly a noticeable difference.

    (waves hand Jedi style)

    You want the 40 GB iPod. The 20 is not the iPod you're looking for.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Th real question is, "Will you ever fill it? If the answer is no, then don't get it.

    BTW, you'll probably have enough room to have OS X installed in addition to your music collection. Great for travel.
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    I say get the 40 . I don't think the extra weight and thickness will really be noticeable in the real world - look at a ruler and see how small .11 inches really is .

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    if you travel and use several different computers, i would say the bigger capacity the better. there was a blurb on apple's site about a "home on ipod" feature that was apparentlly slated for 10.3 but never made the cut. the point of the feature is that you could have your entire home dir. synced to the ipod. if this is something that interests you, i would say go for the 40.
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    1. if you can afford it, go with the American idea: BIGGER = BETTER!!!!!!

    2. Why would one wear their iPod around their neck, would this not cause neck strain? (suriously)
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