And the "Weaseliest" person in the world is...

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Da. dah da dahhhh...

George Bush JUNIOR...

(like there was any contest)

The second annual exuberantly non-scientific Weasel Poll results are in. 35,874 people voted. Looks like liberals aren't the only ones who think george bush JUNIOR is a weasel.

I would say that dilbert draws a wide range of computer geeks. Liberal (right thinking) geeks. Middle of the road geeks.Right (wingnut) neo-can geeks.

What does this say when dilbert fans by nearly a 3 to 1 margin over the next guy picks george bush JUNIOR as the king of all weasels?

Does this mean bush JUNIOR is losing the "nascar dads" ?

Aren't computer geeks a little more edu-ma-kated then most folks?

Are they they applying their edu-maktion to the economy, the war and the leaks and saying... hey now mr. president. We don't like the way you are running the country?

Is the poll a harbinger of Nov '04?

Oh me Oh my...


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    jwri004jwri004 Posts: 626member
    Good to see MS exerting its dominance again, and our friend Saddam is less of a weasel - or maybe because he knows he is, and we all know he is, and he knows we know he is - he comes off looking a little less of a weasel!
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