New imac a winner

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A first post from someone who's found this site very entertaining over the last few weeks

My conclusion on the new imac:

My £1500 used to buy me the top of the range imac 700mhz G3 with 512mb of RAM and CD RW

I can now get 700mhz G4, LCD screen, Combo drive (OK plus a 20gb smaller HD) for £100 less.

That's a winner in my book. A lot is said about mhz. I currently have a Pentium III 500mhz and long for an imac. On the basis my PIII, with 128mb of RAM and a 13GB HD seems quick enough for my use, the new imac will seem instantaneous - and I can use it to advantage on DV, itunes, iphoto AND it takes up probably a tenth of the space. This must make inroads into PC sales - it is revolutionary.

The only gripe is that the entry level has been jacked up by c50% in price - my Dad who's 70 can't now afford a new imac, but can get a real bargain on the old style - and more power / RAM for his money

Seems like ibook wil be the new entry level

All round a good consumer show for me. I am convinced the upgraded Powermacs are just around the corner for those of you disappointed today


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    cubitcubit Posts: 846member
    Welcome Mick UK. I've been here a while, but not long as Cubit. What a fine machine it is. The slot iMacs are still around and are certainly what I would suggest for a parent or a youngish child; you then pour the rest of your money into the best in between. I've been a mac person since 1984/85 and the arrival of the very first, and the only mistake I ever made was believing that it was a good investment to keep upgrading those early machines. What you need to do is see the OS as the key, love it and the style that innovates and go with the flow over time.
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    they are keeping two models of the iMac CRT ($799 and $999) for a there will still be a cheap beginner machine...g
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    imacfpimacfp Posts: 750member
    Yes welcome. I just bought an iMac G4 Super Drive today to replace my DVSE (400) and I feel as good about doing it as I did about buying my DVSE. Each time the computers were exactly what I was looking for.
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