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Ok I have a outline due tomorrow about Internet Filtering/Censorship, and I am in dire need of some helpful resources. I think that filtering software should be used for minors (schools, libraries) but that the rest should not have to suffer the annoyances and ineffectiveness of it.

Any links you think would help would be greatly appreciated...I'm having trouble finding places that are in the middle, most places seem to be yay or nay. \


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    I know the most obvious answer will be to google it. So try that. I don't really know any specific links though.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    Hope the kids don't want to learn about Dick Cheney.
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    Sorta OT but I found this today:


    My roommate works for Rep. Langevin in Rhode Island. He can load it in his is flat tax Republican propaganda, but try loading it on your computer. And of course they are using our money for this. ****ing shit. Not only that but it's pretty damn stupid, I mean wouldn't the point be letting all the other douche ba...I mean Republicans in America who vote look at the site?
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    school filtering software example:


    browser filtering software example:

    Google "Safe Search"

    proxy filtering for content (only demonstrable in country) examples:

    People's Republic of China (try to link to a page on Tiananmen Square... won't happen)

    Singapore/North Vietnam/Saudi Arabia (some pages critical of the government are blocked)

    Japan/Saudi Arabia/Yemen/UAE ("pornographic" images with pubic hair, or "too much skin" are blocked)

    too late to find links for the "government as mommy-state" examples, if their ISPs admit it

    but each of the countries listed have limited internet access to some resources.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation has links to global policies that limit free info access
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    ryaxnbryaxnb Posts: 583member
    What happened to iTools (now .Mac's) internet filtering options?
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    Internet Filtering Software helps parents to supervise their children’s online activities. Internet monitoring software limits access to inappropriate sites, control e-mail use, block chat rooms and enforce access time. By this way parents keep on monitoring their children without being noticed by their children.

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