Apple Offers Fixes For iTunes Windows Problems

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Talk about getting bug fixes out in record (pun intended) time:


Apple tweaks iTunes for Windows

October 22, 2003, 11:57 AM PDT

By Ina Fried

Staff Writer, CNET

Apple Computer plans on Wednesday to release an updated version of its iTunes program intended to fix bugs encountered by some Windows users.

The company is in the process of posting to its Web site version 4.1.1 of iTunes, which aims to remedy some initial glitches with the jukebox software that Apple released last week. As previously reported, some Windows users were reporting bugs with the software, including a problem that caused some Windows 2000 Professional machines to freeze after installing iTunes.

"A few customers reported conflicts with specific PC configurations and we quickly updated the iTunes software in response," Apple said in a statement. "iTunes 4.1.1 addresses an isolated incompatibility with Windows 2000 and older third-party CD burning software, as well as problems caused by corrupt MP3 files on some users' PCs."

Apple told CNET last week that it was looking into the problems.

More than 1 million copies of the Windows software have already been downloaded, Apple said on Monday. The software was announced amid much fanfare by Apple last week.

"More than a million Windows users have downloaded iTunes since its launch less than a week ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive," Apple said.

UPDATE: One poster on MacDailyNews says the bug fixed worked on WIN2000 and he bought10 songs. His comment "it rocks!".
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