Dead Pixels

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Oh oh. I hope these LCD's will be good otherwise a lot of people are going to be pissed.


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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I'm sure they'll be fine. Apple's LCDs are the best.
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    I sure hope so. At least my 12.1" on my ibook is fantastic.
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    crusadercrusader Posts: 1,129member
    As long as the dead pixels are on the edge of the screen I will not care. But I bought a sony TRV 17 and the thing had 4 dead pixels! Very annoying.
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    My new iBook was fine until about a week after getting it when a dead pixel appeared on the right side center about an inch from the right edge. It was bright white. I was under the impression that if it was a color, say red, it was a stuck pixel and could be massaged gently to beome un-stuck. Since it was white I assumed it was dead. I tried that procedure anyways and nothing happened. A week later it came back to life somehow? Any explanations?
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