iDVD with Panther?

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I want to do a clean install of Panther. I can't see iDVD listed on the Panther home page as being included in Panther, just the other iapps.

If I do a clean install will I lose iDVD2 and have to buy iLife as well as Panther? Or is iDVD3 included?


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    iDVD does not come with ANY OS package-- it's far too large. It ships on it's own DVD, as I recall.

    If you choose to do a clean install with Panther, you will have to reinstall iDVD yourself. If you have iDVD right now, then you either already have a copy of iLife (which you can reinstall) or your original discs that came with your computer, which will contain iDVD. Either way, you already have the option to reinstall it whenever you want, regardless of if you clean-install Panther.
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    Brad, quick question. I will be getting my Panther later this week. And I also want to do a clean installation. I bought my Mac earlier this year and am pretty new to the platform. So I have iLife, but I believe it is "built into" my "system restore" disk.

    So I should be able to do a clean installation, then re-install iDVD from my system restore disk? I am at the office as I type, so cannot look at my "system restore" disk right now. But I was thinking most of the stuff on it is all kind of combined "all together". Will I be able to easily identify just the iDVD installation part of it?

    I do have an external 120GB hard drive. Before I install Panther on my Mac, could I just drag the iDVD application to my external drive, then drag it back to my home drive on my mac after Panther is installed?

    Thanks for all you help!!
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    I haven't seen restore discs in quite a while, but as I recall you *can* choose what to install from the disc. You should try it out before wiping your drive first, though.
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    pbg4 dudepbg4 dude Posts: 1,611member
    You can reinstall non OS X apps (like OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, QBNUE, etc.) apart from OS X itself.

    I know because the first thing I did when I brought Al home was to wipe and reinstall everything from scratch.
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    I just reinstalled OS X up to 10.2.8 on my NEW Seagate 120G hard drive with 8 mb cache! woohoo

    I even installed a Pioneer A06U.

    I have a Dual 867 MDD and so far everything works and burns fine...

    anyway, I too want to get iDVD 3 but when I reinstalled everything I never got back even iDVD 2.....

    I think I may just have to buy iLife. what a ripoff, you can download the other 3 programs for free why don't Apple sell iDVD separately cheaper...

    dirty rotten bastard Jobs
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