To those who are planning to use Suitcase XI under Panther

in macOS edited January 2014
I have to give up using Suitcase at least for now and have to go FontBook (I know some people are going to vomit)

I find out if Suitcase XI is managing over 100 fonts it really slows down the ENTIRE SYTEM....which didn't happen in Jaguar

Loading and quitting Suitcase takes at least 20-30 seconds.

Looks like if those people who want to use Suitcase better wait for an update.

On the other hand....Font Book doesn't have this problem......


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    chris vchris v Posts: 460member
    I experience the periodic slowdown/bechballing with Suitcase, and hae found that trashing all the prefs (yes, including font sets--PITA) then re-loading all the fonts again will speed things back up for a while-- maybe a month or two.

    Have you tried a fresh start with Suitcase sets and everything?

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