Flash Professional...?

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Ok so...

Am I the only one who believed Macromedia when they said video was improved? How was this improved? Anybody test the video with the same files and get better results? I did not, nothing I could see visually. Not really interested in getting a frame or 2 improvement, I thought improvement meant improvement. Wrong? Right?

Am I the only one who thought the update was worth the price? I see speed DECREASES when doing just about anything in the new version, especially switching between open files and opening (and reopening) the actionscript editor.

Anyone have similar experiences, or advice?

PS - I got a Dual Gig - 1.5GB Ram - Jaguar. Just got Panther, maybe that will help, any word on that?



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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    I have Flash Pro, and I really can't see any difference in performance, for better or worse.

    Are you comparing Flash Pro to Flash MX 2004, or Flsh 2004 {(pro or otherwise) to the original MX?
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    dalidali Posts: 32member
    To clarify...

    I had Flash MX - upgraded to Flash MX 2004 Professional

    - No speed increase using video in... anyway

    - Slower(!) access times for open files and actionscript panel

    Ideas? Rants?

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    I have not heard any favourable reviews of 2004. It apparantly is a step back in a couple areas. One person only stuck with it because he needed the CSS editing.

    I'm skipping 2004 - not even going to give it a try.
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