panther causing display crisis!

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Hi all-

Just installed Panther and it's causing a big problem. Panther seems to "forget" my display prefs upon reboot and default to a fairly high resolution (1280 by 960). Unfortunately, due to a quirk in my monitor setup, the OS or video card thinks that this resolution is supported but the monitor gives me an "over range" error and won't display any info at this resolution. I can hook up an older monitor at this point and change the settings, but if I restart with my usual monitor, it goes back to this unsupported resolution! How can I get my preferred resolution to "stick"?



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    This is similar to what happened on my display. I have a widescreen flat panel that has a pixel refresh time of 60ms. Normally, I don't even see those times, however, once I installed Panther, I got no video signal whatsoever. Fortunately, I was able to use the VGA out on the Radeon card to get a video signal to my display. Then, I chose to set it to 1600x1024 @ 60ms, rebooted with it plugged into the ADC connector and it worked fine.

    This is a glaring bug though, and it was very much present in the first build of Panther seeded to developers. I can't believe it shipped.
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