Who bought new hardware tonite? I did!

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Well, I went out to buy the new price-cut eMac from my local dealer here in calgary (combo drive model 1GHz 128MB/40GB). They didnt have the new version but they were selling the previous versions for the same price except it came with a 60GB hard drive instead of 40GB. So I got an even better deal, an extra 20GB of hd space. I am still writing from my iBook600 only because im waiting for the cheque to clear from the person i sold it too before i ship it. And because the emac is busy downloading a bunch of updates. I actually came out 100$ ahead once i sold my iBook and bought the emac.

One thing was that it didn't come with panther installed, but I get it for free anyways (have to pay shipping). Wicked deal, but I cant wait to get panther installed on that baby. I had a chance to use it and it is sweeeeet, i love expose... a sweet feature that i will use everyday.

I also picked up Return to Castle Wolfenstein. haven't installed it yet though, i pulled 256MB from my dell file server for the emac but haven't installed it yet, i'll need that for RTCW for sure.

anyone else buy any hardware tonite? the "new apple smell" is even better than new car smell.

wookie love y'all

my edit is to note that its my 300th post. my first post was celebrating buying my iBook a year and half ago... spooky :o}
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