Is it time for an OS X Superbowl advert?

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Great video. This could be made into an ad' or a series of tv ads.

It's clear and shows the Mac edge that Panther now gives. Shows what Macs can DO...(aside from blow G5 users thru a window...)

It covers all the bases from a user point of view. eMail. Photos etc. Anything like iChat AV on Windows?

When will Apple finally blanket bomb the 'rest of the world' with their OS?

Isn't it finally time to advertise Panther? The Mac OS?

We never see what Macs can do in Apple ads. Panther is Prime Time Mac OS.

Will Apple NOW do a Window 95 style ad' campaign?

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Omar, whoever he is...he's a tool.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Isn´t the iTunes ad enough for you?
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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member
    The video is great for us Mac fans. For the Windows world it has a bit of too much "hype" tone to it. Just show the facts and be done with it. That in itself is all that Apple needs show Windows users who have no clue what a Mac can do, or for that matter, how far advanced it is compared to their Windows world.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    The iTunes Music Store / Pepsi add is already playing during the superbowl.
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member

    Originally posted by Eugene

    Omar, whoever he is...he's a tool.

    My new icon:

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