Just installed Panther and now my hard drive has vanished!!!!

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My iBook has been problematic now for a while, its been to Apple twice for repair in the last eight weeks. Anyway, I finally got my hands on Panther today and hoped installing it might improve the slggish I've experienced with my iBook - it takes minuteS to boot up, fr instance. Anyway - it didn't appear to be making a vast deal of difference. So, having discovered new firmware for my iMac on Apple's website I thought I'd try and download any firmware update for iBook - see if that improved matters. It downloaded through Safari, automatically unpacked itself and then said it was mounting. At this stage the system froze - I could move the pointer round on screen but could not force quit any app. I restarted the system and nothing happened, the grey Apple appeared with the spinning sticks and then just nothing. I booted from my Apple CDs and nothing was on the desktop but the CD, the harddrive had vanished. I've just tried disk utilities and it stays on gatherining information.

What's happened? Has Panther killed my iBook or was my iBook dying anyway and its mere coincidence that it died tonight?

Its ESPECIALLY irritating as we've just started uni and our college insists our computers are left to be setup by their assistants before they can go on the network. Only my iBook has been, and I guess I've now lost all of that!!!


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    are there any noises to note? I know I had the same problem with my iMac a couple of months after I got it...The hard drive and logic board had to be replaced, and that was the only fix after trying several software ways to get it to work..It may have just been going out, and it is shear coincidence. Typically that is what happens...Of course I had the click of death, so I knew it was the HD. Try target mode or resetting the p-ram. Not sure if that stuff will help, but you never know....Good luck.
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    After about 15-20 minutes Disk Utility found the hard drive and I repaired the privileges. It has started agaian now, but is still CHRONICALLY slow. I just don't know what to do. I'm prepared to get a new laptop soon, but wanted to wait for a few more months to see how thw whole iBook/Powerbook thing develops. But with it having been repaired twice already and still being pretty awful I'm really at a loss!

    Thanks for your suggestions, btw.
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