Favorite Panther Features?

in macOS edited January 2014

1) TexEdit opens and can "Save As..." Word docs.

2) .zip compression from the Finder!

3) Expose!

4) Labels. I think...

5) Print Center shows shared printers over LAN better. Now its easy to tell which printers are local and which are print servers.

6) Printing over SMB! (Print to Windows shared printers)

7) App crashes now request user to "submit a report" to Apple (like MS Windows).

8) Automatic startup and shutdowm ala OS 9.

9) Fast User Switching.

10) NTFS file system access (read-only though).

11) Better cross-platform CD burning.

12) Better network integration in Finder (but I hate the "Connect to Server" pane now).

13) Activity Monitor.

14) Printers show up as unique devices in the Dock now, similar to Desktop Printers in OS 9.

15) "Secure Empty Trash" in Finder.

16) Blue frame around selected/highlighted Finder icons.

17) FontBook.

18) New Network System Prefs Pane has cool VPN settings (L2TP,etc)

19) "Full Keyboard Access" Lets you use Windows-like GUI expressions. You can tab around in dialog boxes like a PC!


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    Labels are great for those of us that have been using Macs for many years. I missed this feature in OS 10-10.2. I've been a Mac user all my life, my first one was the original Apple. I love exposé, as does everyone else. I like the new look of the Finder and its ease of use as compared to Jag's. Fast user switching is amazing. It feels faster, it looks better, what more could you ask for?
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    My favorite feature is the sound Mail.app makes when it sends mail.

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    mmmpiemmmpie Posts: 628member
    I love expose. I tested on an eMac with 30 safari windows, plus all of the iApps, plus a few others. It scales ( in usability ) really well. I was worried it would suck with a busy system, but it is good. I havent worked out any logic to its window ordering yet.

    I never used labels back in the day, but now with Applescript I think I could do some cool workflow management with them.
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    Originally posted by DMBand0026

    ?Fast user switching is amazing. ?

    Am I the only one it makes feel vaguely motion sick?

    Perhaps I'm just the weakest link...

    I think the single thing so far I like the most is the toning down of those damn Aqua stripes. God I hated them.
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