Getting the Mac into peoples head

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I know others have brought this subject up countless times but I need to vent a little. I am a heavy computer user. I use my G5 and 15" AlBook religiously. I hate having to use Windows at work, but I am sorta forced to. I preach so much about the mac and how it just works that people at work call me the mac guy. There isn't a day I am not praising the mac. I curse at windows more times than I care to really admit. I have really started turning peoples heads though...not just at work but everywhere I go.

Both my bosses have macs, pretty much our entire I/O at work is done on Macs, those same I/O guys have macs for personal use, I made one of the artist guys at work switch and he just bought a KIIIILLLER G5 (every freakin option), and now tonight I got my moms friend to switch. He wants a 15" PB now. Here is his story...he had no idea what OS X was. He still thought the mac in the OS9 and prior days. I spent 20 mins laying the foundation in this guys head and from then on he wouldn't stop asking questions. With every question he had I had a response that made him pretty much say...HOLY SH!T....why isn't windows like that? To an extent he couldn't grasp the concept of something just working, but he could to another extent because it freakin' makes sense. I know OS X has its quirks but it rocks windows...more so now with Panther than ever. Isn't it sad that windows users are used to hacking their OS to make it work? People think that 3 steps instead of one makes more sense. He is this hardcore Windows IT guy and he knows that if people were using macs he would be out of a job.

What a weird world...but things are slowly getting there. I will let the people I know, know about hte mac. I am happy this guy wants a mac guy now....he works at a huge office and if I play his cards for him, there wil be some switching going on at their office.

Sorry if this post seems a little random...just had to type a little.


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    Wow, I thought Mac-lots like you died off after the war.

    no offense, and I'm sure everyone here(that is a real apple admirer) would agree, that it's a shame OS X isn't turning as many heads as it could be.

    damn, even in this post OS X is making things rock, with the auto-spellcheck, that's just so nifty.

    So often I get PC guys see me doing things on my mac and the most common response/reaction is 1)WHOOOAaaatTTT??!? that is friggin COOL

    I had a little scuffle with a BIG PC guy a couple weeks ago, we settled with the old "whatever works" disposition. Just today he mentioned this great new band to me, and I said "where can I hear them" he responded "oh, iTunes..$7.99 can't beat it"

    iTunes and the iPod are such a knock out punch, and prime example of apple's "it just works"* that they are likely to be more of a trojan horse than anyone could have thought.

    HOWEVER, that said, apple will never dominate the market, they may gain some new users over the few years, but I think it is VERY unlikely they will even reach 5% of the market(they are about 3% now)

    but, I guess we can dream

    well, actually I don't really care, as long as apple continues to r0xx0r my s0xx0rz, with new products and great support, I'll be happy.

    *it is debatable how much apple stuff "just works" but certainly it is a lot more inclined towards working than the majority of PC things out there....but still...printers are LAME
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    Here is the deal...I don't know if I am a total Mac-lot but I know a good thing when I see it. I used to edit on a Avid that was running OS 8 and that sucked arse. Things have changed though. OS X has made my life a lot easier and if I can make others lives easier so I get less "Can you help me" calls, then I am all for it.

    I agree with you in the fact that Apple won't dominate the market, and I don't think that is their goal. I think they want to innovate and provide a better experience for their current and future user base and again, I am all for that.

    The fact is that I don't hate PCs...I hate WINDOWS. I think OS X has a bright future as does Apple. I also think that Linux has a bright future. Now I am the first one to admit that OS X has its issues but with every major release my issues get less and less, and that is what I am looking for. I hate Microsofts inadequate upgrades...XP was a freakin' joke. On hte other hand, OS X keeps getting better in my opinion with no sign of letting down. Anything to make Microsoft rethink their strategy is a good thing. We shall see how much rethinking they do when Longhorn actually hits shelves...whenever that ends up being.
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    Anders: Getting the mac into peoples head, not peoples head into the mac...
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    Originally posted by foad

    We shall see how much rethinking they do when Longhorn actually hits shelves...whenever that ends up being.

    HAHA. Longhorn will be a joke too, in the same way that XPee is a joke. It will be unstable and insecure. The two things that have plagued M$ operating systems for years. By the time we see longhorn I'll be sittin here running OS 12 happy as a clam.
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