Future Mac OS's to have more animation?

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I was hooked the day I emptied the trash can on my Macintosh 512K. Along the way, we've had other animated interfaces from docks to genie effects and now Expose in Panther.

Is this the direction of where future OS's are headed? Certainly it adds to the user experience and visual appeal (but hopefully not impacting performance). Are we far away from smart agents who might retrive files via voice command (in an animated way of course)?


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    I think we will see more animations in the future, but only if they are functional and practical, for example, exposé. We will see more only if it adds to the usability of the computer. With the way the sizes of graphics cards are increasing (512mb!) I would be very surprised if Apple, along with other manufactures, didn't take advantage of this in some way. Quartz Extreme is just the beginning.

    As for voice commands/recognition, that is still a few years off, but it will happen eventually.
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    Only the ones that we really need, like the genie effect!
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