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I bought my iMacG4 SD yesterday from MacMall and I found out something interesting. MacMall is giving away free RAM (156 MB and a free printer too), which they do a lot, and from what I was told, Apple installs the RAM themseleves for a $30 fee. My point is this, could Apple's RAM prices include a installation fee and that is why it costs more? Just a thought.


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    More than likely it does. The only value added by ordering RAM from the factory is that they install it for you. But when places like MacMall offer "free" memory, like my old iMac came with, it makes sense for them to asses a fee for installation. Furthermore, it makes even more sense to order from places like this because $30 now means you don't have to schlep to a store or online catalog to purchase more memory which would likely cost you more.

    The one thing that doesn't make sense is the free printer. It's usually a piece of crap Lexmark with their trademark expensive ink. Tell 'em to keep th printer.

    Hope this helps...

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