Panther on Lombard PowerBook?

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Anyone tried Panther on a Lombard PowerBook with a hardware based DVD player? I have a 400 Mhz PowerBook G3 and it would be nice to totally get away from OS 9. As it stands with 10.2.8, I have to keep OS 9 around just in case I want to watch a DVD. I would also like general impressions of Panther on G3 PowerBooks. Thanks in advance.


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    donnydonny Posts: 231member
    I have Panther on my Pismo PowerBook (G3 400 MHZ, 640 MB RAM). It runs great, and it is an amazing improvement. It seems to react faster, overall, but I'd say the response is better in every aspect, also, from the improvements in the Finder and optimizations of the system. Expose' is instantaneous. Quick user switching works but without the cool rotating cube effect, since my machine does not support Quartz Extreme. Everything else is phenomenal.

    I do not know if any system changes or updates to DVD Player 4.0 happened to help your DVD situation on that machine.
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    I don't beleive that panther has support for hardware DVD decoding, however you could try third part programs like VLC to play DVDs.
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