SuperDrive.....Can You????

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I have a question about the superdrive. Can you backup DVD movies you have in your collection and play them back on your DVD player. I would still continue to buy movies cause I like having the specials cases and stuff but it would be nice to have backups just in case. If anyone could fill me in, that would be great.



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    There is not currently any way to do a DVD-to-DVD copy that I know of. You can "rip" a DVD using certain software, but good luck getting it put back onto a DVD with all the menus & audio tracks etc. intact.
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    Thanks, you just saved me a lot of money. See I'm gonna switch from PC to Mac and did not know which model to get. Since the drive can't back up DVD movies, I have no use for it. Now I'm either gonna go with the base or mid model.

    Question, my computing needs are simple. I've never had a mac before but I'll I do is surf the net, burn CD's and type up simple docs. Will I be happy witht the new Imac and will the performance be statisfactory. Your help would be great.

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    Movie DVDs have copy protection built in that prevents them from being copied. Recently some music companies are doing the same to their CDs, which will make it impossible make copies or even load tracks onto an MP3 player like the iPod.

    For what you want to do the new iMac will keep you happy, in fact it is way overkill, but that just means it will be a useful computer for years to come.
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    One bite of the apple will cure all that ails ya....
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    No, you can't directly duplicate DVDs, but it is VERY easy to rip DVDs. There are OSX-native utilities that let you copy the video and audio off DVDs and recombine them into QuickTime movies. You could "back up" a DVD by copying the movie part of it and leaving out the menus and extra stuff.
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    [quote]Originally posted by sizzle chest:

    <strong>There is not currently any way to do a DVD-to-DVD copy that I know of. You can "rip" a DVD using certain software, but good luck getting it put back onto a DVD with all the menus & audio tracks etc. intact.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Are you kidding me? My HOTMAIL boxes are constantly getting emails about COPY DVDs and Playstation games.

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    DVD movies use MPEG-2 video codec.

    You can create or copy & burn .mv2 files on a computer, but the files used on a DVD disk are stored in .vob format, which cannot be copied DVD-to-DVD.

    You can extract the video with a ripper though (some people use this to re-encode the movie in DivX and burn it to a CD-R). But for now you can't burn entire DVD tracks from one DVD-video to a DVD-R.

    And if you could, remember that a movie is typically &gt; 5 GB on a DVD (two-layer, and sometimes two-layer and two disks or faces)... and a DVD-R tops at "only" 4.7 GB (one only layer, one only face)... so you would need to rip the movie, be able to find a tool to cut it, and find a tool that can burn .vob files. Way too complicated.

    When you compare the price of DVD-R and the price of a commercial DVD movie, I'd say that you'd better buy the original movie, it is less expensive and takes less time !

    (but in the future, DVD-R will contain much more GB, and this will be another story)
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    Right, the only way this would sort of work is to rip all the video and encode at a lower bitrate than the original DVD. The process of ripping, re-encoding and re-writing the new disc would take a plenty long time and, when you add in the cost of blank DVD-R media, hardly seems worth it relative to the cost of a new DVD movie.
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