Anyone know of a good scientific/graphing calculator app?

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I'm taking a business calculus class. We are not allowed to use calculators on our exams, so I don't want to drop the $100+ on a TI-89. Can anyone recommend a good (cheap/free) app to graph functions, differentials, etc?



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    Originally posted by Keda

    Can anyone recommend a good (cheap/free) app to graph functions, differentials, etc?


    It runs in Classic, but you should have Graphing Calculator on your hard drive right now. It's not the full version, but try it out. There are tutorials included and it is possible that your school has a site license for the upgrade ($60.00 if you buy it on your own).

    If you visit the site, there might be a list so the author can see if there is enough interest to port the application to OS X. (However, he asks to pledge to pay up to $100 for his effort if he decides to code the OS X version.)

    I believe this was Mac OS only for a number of years and then a few years ago, he ported it to Windows.

    Edit: If you get a message that the appication doesn't have enought memory for graphing, don't pay any attention. Just dismiss the dialog box and carry on.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Graphing Calcutor was awesome...but I don't have OS9 on my PB. I'd like to find a good app that runs in OSX.

    My search results on VersionTracker did not seem too promising.
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    Curvus Pro

    It is still in alpha, but I have found it to be the best out there right now.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Outstanding! That app looks great. I only put a few simple equations in there, but I'll try more after I get home from work.

    Thanks! Although, I don't know how I feel about taking math advice from a failed mathematician.
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