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Okay, I have a PowerBook 520c (25 MHz 68LC040) in addition to my eMac and I'm looking for an IRC client to work with it. The only one I found which claims to be 68k compatible is ShadowIRC, which crashes upon starting.

Anything else? I found AthenaIRC but it appears to be PPC-only, the version that is publicly available at least. I despise Ircle, but I've heard that earlier versions are pretty good and also 68k-compatible. But I can't find any.

Hopefully I can find something that works and install it. It's one of the few uses for this old Mac. I already had plenty of problems with just getting ShadowIRC on it.

1. File sharing doesn't work between the eMac on OS X and the PowerBook on 7.5.5.

2. FTP access doesn't work over the LAN either.

3. Personal Web Sharing can't download folders, but it can download files. So I need to make a Stuffit Archive of ShadowIRC.

4. The only version of Stuffit available for download is version 8, which only allows .sitx compression. .sitx is freaking stupid and won't decode on the PowerBook.

5. ShadowIRC's homepage claims that it is 68k compatible but the download links to a site with lots of extra crap like PHP or XHTML or something weird like that (what happened to the good ol' text, ASCII and HTML internet?), which causes Netscape 2 to crash.

6. Finally I get to the download link with my eMac and copy down the exact download link to type in on my PowerBook. Success! Unstuffs fine, but crashes on startup. Disable RAM Doubler and retry: same result.

So, my friend is trying to tell me it's not worth all the hassle for an old computer but I say that's nonsense! So maybe it is nine years old, that doesn't mean it's useless.


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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,452member

    I used ircle on 68k machines. It was fast, stable and enjoyable.

    Also download iCab for your browser. It is still small lightweight and even has tabbed browsing. You can show them tabbed browsing on your old laptop!

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