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My first post! Long time reader (ish), but i finally took the initiative to post after being inspired by the iPod that arrived on my doorstep this morning. All I can say is whoa! After opening the numerous boxes (ordered it from and got a friend to ship it here to me in the UK) and ripping off the plastic wrapping, I opened the box to find this tiny little marvel! All I can say is this feeling overcame me to wrap it up in something warm and soft and to stay awake all nite with a bat in hand to protect it from sisters with grubby little fingers...

Is this what it feels like to open any package with an Apple product inside it? I buy a lot of electronics (mostly Sony) but this was the greatest box opening ceremony to date! I currently own an ibm laptop (I know, so sue me...) but have been eyeing a powerbook for a while. Have held off because a) lots of rumors around here of upcoming revisions after the ibook upgrades and b) I'm hoping to be at UNC-Chapel Hill next September and figured I'd wait until then to update my 'personal computer' (Can I still use that term on here?)

Ok, that got a little sidetracked... At least there's a question in there somewhere to justify this post!


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    Welcome to AppleInsider!

    Yes, you'll find that there is a lot of ceremony and excitement when opening new packages from Apple. Several people here have made threads dedicated to opening their first Mac or other new Apple-branded toys, often documented step-by-step with pictures or videos. Weird, huh? Even the packaging Apple uses is tasteful and well designed.

    Anyhow, welcome (soon) to North Carolina, too!

    I'm a student at NCSU, about a 30-minute drive from UNC-CH. Kickaha, one of our moderators, is a grad student at UNC-CH. If you plan to go into the computer science field, I think you will be more than satisfied with an Apple notebook. By Kickaha's own account, "a full half of [the CSC faculty] sport 17" PowerBooks and love 'em".

    So, I take it you installed iTunes on your notebook with the iPod, yes?
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    Strangely enough my notebook recently decided that it doesn't like me anymore and wanted to stop working. After consulting with the ever-so-friendly IBM customer service team [sarcasm intended] I was left with the decision to pay £300 to fix it ($550) or to abandon it and start saving for a new notebook. Obviously i opted for the latter. I have installed itunes on our home pc (won't mention the name. It rhymes with Bell and is frequently used as a curse word around these parts) and I am lovin' in (much in the way McDonalds wished I felt about them)
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    Originally posted by Brad

    Welcome to AppleInsider!

    *sniff* I never got a welcome to AI...*snif*
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    Originally posted by Brad

    By Kickaha's own account, "a full half of [the CSC faculty] sport 17" PowerBooks and love 'em".

    By The Way. How do you put in a link so that it links to the right part of a page? When I clicked on the above link, it was on Kickaha's post that was half-way down the page.
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    apple boxes always remind me of christmas theres no better feeling (well, at least in terms of opening things up.. you know what i mean...)
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    Let me reiterate Brad's welcome! You'll LOVE Chapel Hill if you end up there. I'm an alum from 1998 (jeez, has it been THAT long?!?) and I was back in the area last year at Dook. I hope to be back up there next year for a post-doc. Anyway, yes, the iPod experience is similar to the experience of opening any Apple product. That's why we take pictures and proudly display them! We love our Apple stuff. The OOB (out of box) experience is second to none.

    BTW, you'll have a nice little Apple Store within short driving distance at The Streets of Southpoint if you end up at UNC. We RTP'ers should get together some time.... (If I end up back there, that is).
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    Originally posted by SonOfSylvanus

    By The Way. How do you put in a link so that it links to the right part of a page?

    HTML anchor tags. Check the page source. Every post has one.
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    Seems everyone has good things to say about UNC! I've always had an interest in the University ever since I saw Mr. Jordan don that blue jersey. Admittedly it wasn't about the academics then but I've spoken to a lot of people and it seems like a great school. Plus I've checked and they get Apple's education discount! (Ok, not significant in the bigger picture but still...)
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