wow, macromedia's licensing causing huge headache

in Mac Software edited January 2014
from the reports today on macfixit, among other places, apparently macromedia's "phone home" approach to curbing piracy is casuing one helluva headache. apparently, unless you remember to "transfer your license" via the appropriate menu in the mx applications, the macromedia database (not on your computer, but at maacromedia) will assume you are trying to install on multiple machines and lock you out until you call up mm and ask for them to give you an additional install -- "...pretty please." so of course, a lot of people didn't realize this with panther, had some issues with some applications, did the reasonable thing to delete and reinstall some apps to see if it gets better, and then get told they can't do it because they've already reached their licensing agreement number. even if it's only one machine...


i mean, i understand what they are trying to do, but i am one of those folks who LOVES to reinstall his computer. i learn by starting over from scratch repeatedly, and i keep all of my documents separate from my apps and boot drive and backed up regularly so i can try different techiniques and offer advice. sometimes, even installing items IN A PARTICULR ORDER can be a real eye-opener as far as understanding troubleshooting correctly.

now with this scheme (which i hope no one else tries), it's just "one more thing" i'm going to have to manage in order to get machines up and running correctly.

of course, i hear it's still better than quark's licensing scheme, but that's a thread unto itself.


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    Product activation is stupid. If someone wants an app bad enough, they'll find a way around it. It makes things difficult for the honest users. When are companies going to realize this?

    I bet, if I wanted, I could get a working copy of Studio 2004 off some warez place within a day. But if you own the app, you've got to jump through hoops like these? Please.
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