Get a bunch of Disconnect dialogs when off network

in macOS edited January 2014
While not perfect, the integration into Windows networks is getting better. Previously I could only see what was on my subnet rather than everything in my whole workgroup. Browsing the Network works a little better in that regard. Also I can finally see a Windows network printer that wasn't installed using IP (my network guy explained this, but admittedly I didn't get it), basically meant I had to print to a printer down the hall instead of the one right next to my office. I haven't tried mounting multiple SMB shares yet (that used to call Col. Panic )

However, after my first day at work yesterday with connection bliss, I put the PB to sleep and brought it home. When I woke it at home, I spent the next 15 minutes (intermittenly) dealing with dozens of dialog boxes letting me know that I lost my connection to some share, and would I like to "Disconnect" or reconnect.

Am I going to have to deal with this every night, or is there a better way to get my PB to realize it's not on the network and to just let all that stuff go???
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