iPod vs Archos jukebox

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Well, I have an original 5GB iPod which I have thought about replacing for a recording ability. Of course, the crappy tool for recording now only allows 16-bit recording at 8KHz. Check out what the Archos jukebox can do though:

"Eight recording-quality options range from around 150Kbps to 320Kbps, while sampling rates between 32KHz to 48KHz offer another, less popular way to alter recording quality. You can manually set title, artist, and album information before recording, and this data is automatically incorporated into the resulting file's ID3 tag. But our favorite audio-recording feature is the levels meter, which has a slider for adjusting input level. This feature--absent from other digital recorders such as Creative's Nomad Jukebox 3--ensures that recordings are loud enough to sound good but don't distort."

I assume that the iPod has the processing power to do something similar. Why isn't there an accessory that does so? The jukebox is ugly and only supports USB 2.0 instead of firewire. I'd imagine the user interface is crap too. However, if it's that much better at recording, I'd consider it, at least over a minidisc recorder, for my recording needs. I'd much rather have the much nicer gadget though... the iPod.
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