Panther & Kernel Panics At Start Up

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I have a Dual MDD 867Mhz powermac and i got panther on the weekend. Since then i've had a few kernel panics at startup (not all the time). The computer would start up like norm then one of two things would happen, one would be it would show that gray screen telling the user to hold down there power button for a few secs to shutdown the mac. The other is that as soon as it starts loading the OS it trys to load that same gray screen but shuts down by it self before you can see the message.

Now i have done a clean install and everything of the OS. Haven't had a kernel panic while using the OS once so far. So i looked around to see what i could do to fix this issue and i turned off Journaling in Disk Utility and that looked like it fixed it as it didn't happen as much as it did before.

But it still happens....i would say 3 out of the 8 start ups gives me a kernel i don't have anything on the USB bus or anything apart from my mouse and keyboard connected so it can't be those things.

Has anyone else had kernel panics at start up with panther? be it on these macs or other macs? Or am i alone on this one.



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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    AtAT is reporting that Panther KP's when attempting to wake from sleep. I haven't looked myself, but apparently Mac Fix It has been lit up with similar issues. You might want to look there.

    I don't have Panther, so I can't be of more help than that.
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    I was having issues but it turned out to be an extension for third party software that wasn't compatible with Panther.
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    Thanks guys but i think i'm alone on this posts any where of the same thing happing to others

    I hope 10.3.1 isn't too far away.

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