Panther on a G3

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Anyone using Panther on a G3 system? I've got a Blue and White G3/400 \ running 10.2.8. It's good enough, but will it be faster after the upgrade? If anyone out there has an old beastie they've upgraded, let me know, please!

(Yes - I'm saving pennies for a G5... )


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    donnydonny Posts: 231member
    I have Panther on my Pismo PowerBook (G3 400 MHZ, 640 MB RAM). It runs great, and it is an amazing improvement. It seems to react faster, overall, but I'd say the response is better in every aspect, also, from the improvements in the Finder and optimizations of the system. Expose' is instantaneous. Quick user switching works but without the cool rotating cube effect, since my machine does not support Quartz Extreme. Everything else is phenomenal. Upgrade? YES - Why have you waited so many days already!!

    Also see this (and other threads on the question)
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    Oops. Missed that other thread. Thanks.
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