Sexual assault in Colorado

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More athletes getting their jollies with unwilling partners in the skiing state.

Simpson's legal filings say she was raped after she fell asleep at a party at her off-campus apartment that football players and recruits "crashed" in December 2001.

potentially explosive part...

In a deposition related to Simpson's lawsuit, Barnett testified that investigators with campus police and the Boulder Police Department told him there was "overwhelming" evidence that a particular recruit was one of the men involved in Simpson's rape, according to the court filing.

"Coach Barnett nonetheless continued efforts to sign this recruit," Simpson's lawyers wrote in the motion.

Barnett "got extremely angry, and basically accused us of being unprofessional and out of line," Irving testified in her deposition. "I was shocked by that."


"Overwhelming" evidence of rape brushed aside because of athletic star power.

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