p800 and isync: or just gripes about symbian/mac osx

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WTF! i love my macs and my p800 but this is getting ridiculous. is anyone having trouble syncing with isync2 and bluetooth? i must have spent like 3 hours trying to get this phone to sync my full contact list. i tried resetting device which seemed to get me somewhere until i realized the p800 was only importing some of my contacts...then i would get a message that the sync failed because the phone was low on memory which was clearly wrong since the storage manager said i still had about 7 MB left. it just seems really tempermental..so finally, as i was about to just give up, it looks like it synced them all..????

not to mention the greyed screen of death with a message telling me i needed to restart the computer (g5 dual) this happened at least 5 times in the course of the 3 hours trying to sync...usually at the end when it was cleaning up.

is anyone finding this to be a tough experience? what happened to the "relationship" we were supposed to have with sony....


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    macflymacfly Posts: 256member
    nobody here is using a p800??!!!
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    there are a few of us, so don't panic!

    i've had a few teething probs with my p800 and isync (and its version 1.3 by the way, and not version 2)

    contacts have always synced ok for me, but calendar syncing has been a problem. i have 4 calendars in ical, and if i try and import them all it does it. but then the calendar app on the p800 won't open. error message is cryptic but i think its out of memory...

    ...but there is plenty of memory left.

    so i have reduced the calendars to 3 out of 4 (the 4th is quite a chunky one). and it works great. everytime.

    so be patient young padawan
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    macflymacfly Posts: 256member
    i read something in the apple support pages about suggesting that you split your contacts into small groups and only import one at a time...also that it seems they are only suggesting the b revision of the dlink blue tooth dongle...is this ridiculous or what? i thought the whole point of isync was that it was supposed to handle this seemlessly and efortlessly...its a sad day when i can say that my pc which i had hoped not to be using after getting my g5 works with no problems.....what is the farkin hold up apple? i really just dont get it...they say there is support for these phones but it is minimal...i also cant believe that sonyericsson just turns a blind eye to it all...they told me that apple is the one who supports the phones.not them...nice
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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    Please wait more than 3 hours before bumping your thread.

    The latest iSync/latest Bluetooth works fine with my P800, but I only have about 50 contacts. I don't even bother with the calendar since iCal is useless.
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    i wouldn't say ical is useless wmf !

    it does me fine and syncing is now working great. if only it didn't memory out with large amounts of data...

    i have about 300 contacts in address book (some with pictures) and it has always synced perfectly. touch wood. touch wood.
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    macflymacfly Posts: 256member
    what kind of bluetooth set up are u using? 300 contacts all with pictures too? that seems amazing that u have no trouble syncing them all. is the memory not enough message just a problem with the system and there really is no problem? im using an iogear usb adapter. could it be that it just doesnt work well with osx?
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    only some of them have pictures!

    i'm using a d-link usb adaptor (rev a i think) on my pb 866mhz.

    the memory out problems only effect the calendar on the p800. it has a problem with too much data i think. but then i had reset the device and was trying to sync all my calendar data from 4 years (i had moved from my palm to ical about 6 months ago). so there was a lot to upload.
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    macflymacfly Posts: 256member
    yeah, the whole system seems a little flaky..somehow i managed to luck out and get all my contacts on but im just worried that it will skip some occasionally. with so many its hard to check to make sure each one is there after a sync. maybe it was just a first time thing trying to get them all back.
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