Ambient light on 17 inch

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I installed Panther on my 17 inch powerbook Monday. Have had a few relatively minor problems since.

First of all, my monitor keeps dimming in low light...although I do not have it set to dim with the ambient light sensor in the display prefs. It is driving me insane! Sometimes it goes to 50% and I can't even read the text on the screen without getting really close. At times I do not even realize it is dimmed...

Ill hit the button to get it back to 100% and sometimes it will dim back before I am even done, and sometimes it takes 4 minutes or even longer. The entire time the light in the room hasn't changed. (Its dark in here)

Second, I keep getting a bunch of "server not found" errors when trying to load a domain, its completely random and usually loads right away on a refresh. Happens all over the place, very very annoying...

My screen has dimmed at least 10 times typing this message!!!!

Anyone else experiencing this? I went to the apple store tonight and they told me to bring it in next time I come to check it out. They hadn't heard anything like this.


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