Cool gimmic in iTunes, not sure if feature or bug

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I'm not sure if this was an intended feature or a bug or whatever, all I know is it kinda neat though.

Try this out:

Be sure to have cross-fade turned on in the preferences to 12 secs (it doesnt require 12 secs, but it makes the trick easier to notice).

Start playing a song, fast-forward into the song so that theres about 20 secs remaining.

When the time remaining hits 12 secs the next song will start to fade in due to the cross-fade option in iTunes.

Once it begins to fade in start turning the volume down using the iTunes volume slider slowly.

You should notice that the first song that is ending retains its current volume, but the new song that is supposed to be fading in has its volume decreased instead.

If you instead turn down the volume quicklye you can hear the first song finish as it normaly would without the cross-fade.

I personally love this gimmic. It allows me to let a song finish and fade out on its own without having to turn cross-fade off in the prefs everytime.
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