iPod slow speed

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I have a 3g 10gig iPod and notice that once I have a song start playing for a while and I turn to the next song, it sometimes takes awhile for it to switch song, as the hard drive kicks in. Is this normal? I just started to notice this after I dropped my iPod playing ping pong.

Is this related?


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    Yes it is normal. The next song has to be loaded into the ram, it's the same as if you were working on a computer. If you open up a document the computer doesn't read it off the hard drive the whole time, it loads it into the ram and slows the speed of the hard drive, thus cutting down on wear and tear on your HD, heat, and noise (and with your iPod, it will make for longer battery life if the HD isn't used as much). It's the exact same thing with your iPod.
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