iSight anyone?

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Has anyone used this with Panther? How is the quality? Is it really 30 fraames, tv quality? How does it compare with windows alternatives?


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    I'm not using Panther, but on my Rev. A Powerbook I can get 30 fps when I record Video. I don't use iChat at the moment. The biggest problem with the recording of 30 fps full resolution is the slow HD, so I believe Panther won't make much of a difference. Would be cool if Panther speeded up this too!
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    i'm stil using ichatav beta, and i use my camera rather than isight, but the quality seems to be good (i'm running jaguar on an 800mhz emac)... theres no question in my mind, though, that isight beats out ALL other alternatives...
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    Using iSite with Panther, and it works like a dream...
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Anyone using it on a borderline connection? I have a super fast connection at my dorm (1 Mbit+) but at home it's marginal IDSL (about the same speed as ISDN) and it's only rated at 144 kbps and we usually only get about 110 kbps. Would an iSight work well enough on that connection? I've thought about getting one, even though I'm not thinking about it that seriously I have considered it. But since microphone chats with people often drop off after a little while, I don't want video quality doing the same.
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