SCREENSHOTS: can you change default desktop folder ?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
i'm used to using CMD+SHIFT+4 and CMD+SHIFT+3 to create screenshots.

in OS9 they were placed in the active partition's main directory along with the Aplications folder and all

but now in OSX they get thrown on the desktop as PDFs.

it's annoying.

can i change the default folder for SCREENSHOTS?

i know there are 3rd party screen capture apps.

i'm not really interested in going there. i just want to change where the SCREENSHOTS end up...

without adding extra steps to the process.

anyone got a bead on this?


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    If you use the Grab Program that comes with OS X it gives you more options and it allows you to save the file anywhere you want. It also saves the file as a TIFF file.
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