Panther and FTP

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Panther's FTP capability seems to be fairly disappointing. When I ftp to my Earthlink webspace via Panther's "Connect to Server" option, it only lets me read what's on my server space, and I cannot not alter the permissions.

If I connect with any other ftp client (Captain, Fetch, Transmit) they all allow me to read and edit what's on my server, as usual.

I'd love to replace the above clients with Panther's built-in capability. Will it ever compare? Or am I just missing something here?

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    Moved my rant to the OSX section, where it belongs.

    Yes, NeilyB. It seems "Finder" will only open read only connections. You can use terminal to make ftp and or sftp connections to servers.

    Open terminal and choose "Connect to server..." from the file menu. A bit of knowledge of the text based ftp commands will be required.
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