just order my ipod on Fri...

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yea.. finally.. my first PB, now.. my first ipod.. i ordered the 30g one. total cost me $405.94.. the saleman recommand, cuz the 20g cost $391.40 and the 40g cost $487.11... anyway, i have some questions about the ipod update. i still using the 10.27. not upgrade to 10.28 yet. but i updated the itune to 4.1 now, what about the ipod update? need to plug the ipod in or i can do the update without it? thanks..

and the mac osx 10.28 update.. any problems about it now? should i do this update too?

sorry, too busy these days and no time to read the forums! =)




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    when you plug in your ipod it should automatically run whatever it needs to to be updated, but it shouldnt need updating.... it'll come with a cd with software and everything... and go ahead and update to 10.2.8
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