SMB Server + Alias Problems

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I'm having trouble connecting to my network space on my school server. This is where we store files and to then print them out on networked school printers.

I can connect ok, I have the right server address, but

1) my password isn't saved on my keychain and

2) if I then log onto my network space on another peecee, I can no longer re-access from my Mac without restarting (at least it worked again after I did that just now).

I found this at

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After storing your user name and password for an SMB server in a keychain, the stored information does not work as you would expect when you connect to the server again. You must re-enter your user name and password.

Products affected

*\tMac OS X 10.2 to 10.2.8


Create an alias of the SMB share point. Follow these steps:

1. Click the Finder icon in the Dock.

2. Choose Go > Connect to Server.

3. Enter the SMB server address, and click Connect.

4. Select the desired share point.

5. Choose Go > Computer.

6. Drag the SMB volume from the Finder window to your desktop. The icon that appears on the desktop after you drag it will be an alias.

7. From the Finder window, select the SMB volume and choose File > Eject.

8. Double-click the alias created in step 6.

9. Enter your user name and password, then select Add to Keychain.

10. Click OK.

The next time you connect to this SMB volume using the alias, the keychain will work as expected.

Additional information

If you click the Computer button in a Finder window then select a volume, the Make Alias command is dimmed. This is normal behavior, because accounts other than root do not have permission to create new items in the Computer list. Dragging the volume to a place where you have permission allows you to make the alias, as you did in the steps above.

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...but after I disconnect from the server ( step 7 ), double clicking on the alias ( step 8 ) doesn't give me the option to enter my user name and password. It says: The alias cannot be opened because the original file cannot be found. It gives me the choice to delete alias and then fix alias.

Please Help. Nice and SIMPLE suggestions please


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