Heads up on a very snazzy laptop bag/case...

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...from a most unlikely source: Target!

Was at Target last night and went down the little aisle they have in electronics where they sell USB cables, mousepads, inkjet toner, etc.

Anyway, sitting there looking REALLY cool was a Michael Graves-designed laptop bag/case. It was black, had a nylon sort of look and feel (as opposed to leather or cloth), trimmed in blue. Had a metal handle on it and TONS of storage when you zipped open a front compartment (easily holds CDs, an iPod, power supply, mouse, the various video adapters that come with the PowerBook and iBook, Zip disks, pens, small items, etc.

But here's where it got really cool: the side zips down (the bag itself is very stiff/rigid, but light) and out slides a standalone laptop sleeve, all cushioned and with a velcro flap. It was VERY nice...super thick/padded. You put your laptop in it and then slide it into the case.

Here's the best part: It was only $29.99!!!

All the stuff from Booq, Marware, Waterfield, etc. is much more than that...and often just for a simple padded sleeve. This is the whole kit and I messed with it for quite a bit and you can carry like a briefcase with the metal handle OR attach the nice, wide shoulder strap (metal fasteners into metal hooks!) to carry it on your shoulder.

It did not feel cheap or flimsy in the least. Really strong stitching, thick materials, metal on the strap attachments, four tiny metal "feet" on the bottom so it stands up when you set it down, etc. Just felt/looked like a well-made bag, designed for laptop toters who also have iPods, a mouse, etc.

Very small, very light, very snazzy-looking (if you've spent any time in Target, you've no doubt seen some of this Michael Graves stuff). I was impressed.

Currently Target's website doesn't seem to show it and I can't find it at Graves' website. So you just have to take my word for it and seek it out on your next Target trip.

But $29.99 for something that stylish, roomy and modular (carry the sleeve by itself for quick trips OR slide it into the bag for rigid protection and room for all your accessories).

The tag on the bag said "fits most 15" laptops", but the sleeve would fit the 14" iBook and certainly the 12" Apple stuff too. It MIGHT fit the 17" PowerBook, but I'm not 100% sure. There's enough "wiggle room" where the flap comes over, that it may. But once you slide the sleeve into the rigid case, I honestly can't imagine ANYTHING scuffing or dinging your laptop.

Lots of iBooks and PowerBooks seem to be bought around here lately...just wanted to pass this on for those of you looking for an affordable, attractive carrying/protection solution.


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    Thanks for the heads up!

    I just got my fiancee an iBook and we need a case. We'll look into this one.
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    good find! i was just at target and checked them out, and bought one. it's as nice as the one (an 80 mbuck one at that) i was planning to buy, but at $30, it was a steal.

    thanks pscates!
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    fellowshipfellowship Posts: 5,038member
    pscates Great find!

    I have the Michael Graves cross-cut paper shredder. It looks great and it works nice.

    Fellows.... To think I sign my AI name Fellows and I do not have a Fellows paper shredder.

    Not all will get that.

    Michael Graves Website for those curious
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