A Moby Christian?

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Got your attention with that did I?

Moby "Richard Melville Hall" and his views.

Here at appleoutsider the views expressed sometimes seem a bit on the polarized side. I thought I would introduce a third view to chew on for your reading pleasure.

I differ on some details with Moby but I think the guy is on to a few things.

BBC Interview

Moby Essay




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    "Here lies Moby. He tried not to take himself too seriously but at times he did. He was a jerk who tried to be a nice guy."

    Ha ha. I thought a little bit about that and it's really quite similar to how I think of myself sometmes. . . particularly the jerk part.

    As for the non-denominational "Moby Christian" as you call it, I think a lot of generic Christian folk (myself included) fit into that category. I think a lot of Christians are quite distressed about the "religious right," particularly libertarian ones.

    My signature has been there for a few months. . . Sort of a multi-entendre, but I think you can get the idea.

    Though to get the record straight, I listen to heavy metal, like to eat meat whenever possible, and I love high performance cars: so I'm not about to put myself in the Moby boat (Pequod) just yet.
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    chu_bakkachu_bakka Posts: 1,793member
    and he's a founding member of this contest...


    Moby wants Bush out in a bad way... and so do I.
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