Please advise...Hoping to upgrade, but can't decide. Is it worth it?

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Sorry guys I know this subject has been hit over the head over and over. I'm at the point where I want to do a last,but important upgrade:the cpu -or- simply get a newer G4 and sell my sawtooth powermac. Okay here's what I'm trying to get at. I have an agp powermac (sawtooth) @ 400mhz. This is one has the faster memory bandwidth,3 firewire ports(1 internal),agp, and independent usb ports, blah..blah...blah specs:

32MB DDR mac edition Radeon DVI/VGA/TV out AGP 2x

512mb PC100 222

sonnet tempo 100 pci ultra card

120GB Western Digital SE 7200rpm 8mb cache

A04 DVD-RW (ADS enclosure dual USB 2.0/Firewire) writer

Logitech cordless duo combo

17" 1702FP ultraSharp 500:1 Contrast Ratio dual DVI/VGA

I have panther installed and it really runs well. I've been looking at the Sonnet Encore ST cpu upgrades (easiest install/remove in my opinion) specificially 800mhz and 1GHZ. I'm not looking to make it a speed demon (not that it will be) , but I'm leaning more towards the 800mhz (cost vs. performance vs. ???) Please advise. I don't do FCP and will use it for photoshop/Virtual PC and internet. Maybe iTUNES. This will probably be my final upgrade if need be. I really appreciate your input. Thanks.


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    I'd say hang onto your system as is for a while and wait until the next rev. G5s come out and drop the prices on the current models. I wouldn't buy another G4 tower, their days are very numbered.
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    Thank you so much for your input. I was afraid my inquiry was just too boring for the masses here. YIKES! I still am tempted to get the cpu upgrade as I know it will do my system alot of justice. Waiting for the next revision of the G5 will be painstaking for me as I want to increase the performace of my powermac right now. Hmm, decisions decisions.

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    I put a OWC 1.2 gig CPU upgrade in my Sawtooth 450, and have been very happy with it. Easy to install, machine is dead stable, and is nice and quick, now. A tad faster at some tasks than our Quicksilver Dual Gig. I think you can get one of those for around $350.00 American.

    Or, you could save that $350.00 towards a Dual G5.

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    An 800MHz PCU for about $250 is much cheaper than another Mac and won't be that much slower, so I'd suggest getting the upgrade card and waiting slightly longer for a completely new Mac (but you'll have slightly longer to wait with a faster Mac).

    Edit: are those spec.s for your Mac or a mac you're looking at as a replacement?
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    tshoktshok Posts: 12member

    Just the replies I'm looking for. Thanks!


    This is what's in my current powermac. I did some futher


    attained another 256MB stick so upping the memory to 768MB pc100 222 (funny the stick is a 133MHZ CL3 but shows PC100 222 in OS panther- probably because my other sticks are 222 memory) improved speed wise a little.

    installed an airport card (connected to SBC yahoo! DSL -hate it!!! slow as f**k! and a Dell 1184 wired/wireless 802.11b router/WAP/WAN...)

    attained an airport base station (graphite) so I can make

    my Epson C60 share with my PC (YUK!) and powermac.

    I think I will be driving towards the 1GHZ model. I want to squeeze as much out of this beauty as possible. can get the card for $329 from CrapUSA.
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