Address book did not transfer in upgrade :\

in macOS edited January 2014
I just installed Panther (it kicks ass) but my address book didnt transfer. I did an archive and install (without keeping user settings) like I always do and everything was great. Went to sync with iSync but it said it failed and now my address book is gone.

I still have the old one in the previous system folder but i dont know how to import it.....any ideas?


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    Well, the "Address Book.addressbook" file under Panther is located in Users/Me/Library/Addresses, and then there's some other addressbook related files in Users/Me/Library/Application Support/AddressBook (the main file here, I think, is; everything else backups / address book image).

    I hope that gives you of an idea of where things are located so that you can move them from your previous system.
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    phew! it seems to have worked!

    thanks so much
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