Keep the Combo or exchange it for a Superdrive?

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Got my 12" Powerbook and love it, but I ed up and didn't realize the bundle I ordered was for a Combo drive model, not the Superdrive I had intended (after months of obsessing, what a ridiculous oversight )

The place I ordered from is willing to do an exchange for the cost-difference of the upgrade ($200) plus shipping; they're waiving the 15% restocking fee, a fee that were it not being waived would've made it cost-prohibitive for me to do the exchange and I'd've settled for the Combo.

Shall I go through the return hassle and cost for the Superdrive (whose DVD burning feature I will probably use, though not extensively, but admittedly just kind of want), or opt to keep the flawless, dead-pixel-free 12" I have now and wait a few months for the new iMac (which will have a Superdrive) I plan to purchase?


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    Things to consider:

    1) You know the PB has no dead pixels. However, you don't know if the replacement will have any dead pixels. It may have some, it may have none, but you won't know until you get it.

    2) Do you intend to use iDVD? If not, then could you get an external DVD burner for $200? I don't know what prices are in the US, but I think you should be able to get one for that price or less. Or just put the moeny towards the superdrive equipped iMac you're going to buy anyway, and do the DVD burning on there .

    I think you should save the money, put it towards the iMac, and rejoice in your dead pixel free super cool PB .

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    And remember the faster CD burning in the combo model. 24x vs. 16x
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