hp psc 950 printer problems - please help!

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i have purchased my first mac (switched from pc), but i'm having troubles with my printer.

the printer is an hp psc 950 (all-in-one) connected by usb. when i first set it up everything was fine - printed from different applications. then it stopped.... the job would be in the print queue, but it would not print. i received a communication error. this happened more and more, so i downloaded the updated driver (May '03) and installed. it was working fine again, but after a few jobs it stopped. i've tried most everything suggested by apple and hp with no luck.

any suggestions? thanks.


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    I get the same problem with my printer in the office. What I usually do is turn the printer off.. and then back on again, and then everything is fine. have you tried that?
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    yes, i have tried that. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. but, the point is that it's not working. i shouldn't have to turn the printer on and off each time i want to use it. that's not why i bought an apple.
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    Tech questions go in the Genius Bar.

    Off ye' go.

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