Predictions for Dec 2002

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These are meant to be realistic predictions of what we will see NEXT December.



G5 1.6GHz 512MB ram

G5 2.0GHz 1GB ram

G5 2.4GHz 1.5GB ram



G4 1.33GHz 512MB

G4 1.46GHz 512MB

G4 1.60GHz 1GB



G3 1.00GHz 256MB

G3 1.20GHz 256MB

G4 1.33GHz 512MB



G4 1.46GHz 512MB

G4 1.60GHz 512MB

G5 1.60GHz 512MB



$299 5GB

$379 10GB

$450 15GB



iTunes 3.0.5

MacOS 9.6.3

Mac OSX 10.2.4

FCP 3.1

iDVD 3.0

iPhoto 1.2

PowerTouchUp 1.1 (Professional version of iPhoto)

Featured on all machines


DDR SDRam pc2700 SuperDrive, Gigawire, Airport3(802.11g(a)), USB2

Just my realistic(?) predictions of what we'll be seeing in about a years time.


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    What! Why?
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    HAHA, too far away and too much thought for my head

    [wait- since when do we get hardware in Dec?]

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