Bush in 30 seconds

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Got this from a fellow artisty-type yesterday, and though I'm not a film maker by any stretch of the imagination I though it was interesting enough to pass along.


Sick of the propaganda being beamed at you from the current administration's media mavens? Here's a new way to fight back: Enter MoveOn.org Voter Fund's political ad contest. You don't have to be formally trained in the art of filmmaking, just ready, willing and able to create an ad that tells the truth about George Bush.

All eligible submissions will be posted on this web site and rated by visitors. The top rated ads will then be voted on by our panel of esteemed judges, including Michael Moore, Donna Brazile, Jack Black, Janeane Garofalo, and Gus Van Sant. The winning ad idea will be broadcast on television during the week of Bush's 2004 State of the Union address, and the winner will receive a recording of the ad as broadcast.

To enter, just make a 30 second ad and submit it through this web site. Submissions will be accepted between November 24th and December 5th, 2003 and voting on the site will run between December 15th and December 30th, 2003.

With all the creative thinking going on here, I though I'd pass this along and see if anyone is interested. Hell, we could even make it a group effort if there's enough (or any) interest.

And yes, before anyone derails this thread, this project is obviously put on by leftys and judged by leftys. Get over it and stick to your own sandbox for this one. Thank you.


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